Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Amphibian Research Projects

Amphibian research project (Brisco Mountain beaver pond):Brisco Mountain pond is a sight where spotted salamanders cross a road to there breeding grounds each spring. We are counting amphibians that cross the road and are at risk of being run over by vehicles. Brisco Mountain road is a road that only has one house in use and it is near an access point close to an alternate route. Would it be worth closing this road, at night, when it rains during the spring? This is the purpose of the research project. I will collect date and submit it to the National Park Service, whom this property is owned by.

4/14 *finally more rain at night*
-17 spotted salamanders (alive)
-8 spotted salamanders (dead)
-2 spring peepers (alive)
-2 spring peepers (dead)

-4 spotted salamanders (alive)
-7 spotted salamanders (dead)
-1 spring peeper (alive)
-8 spring peeper (dead)
-Peepers loud in beaver pond undetermined number
-1 or 2 pickerel frogs in back of pond *1st of year*
-small group of wood frogs in back of pond

-32 spotted salamanders (alive)
-37 spotted salamanders (dead)
-1 *Marbled salamander*
-5 Spring peepers